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Indigenous Services unveils new state-of-the-art honey bucket

The Federal Indigenous Services department unveiled its new line of electronic honey buckets, at a highly anticipated press conference in Ottawa on Tuesday.

The honey bucket, which is sometimes called a slop pail, is a portable bucket used as a toilet in many First Nations communities which lack running water or functional indoor plumbing.

“This honey bucket is a true game changer,” said Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott, who wore a black turtleneck shirt reminiscent of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The new state-of-the-art honey buckets are sleek and black. They’ll gradually replace the white, plastic buckets that have been in service for the past few decades.

“I mean, they probably still won’t have safe, clean, running water and it is just ultimately just a bucket but this thing has lights…and Bluetooth!”

The new line of honey buckets was developed for Ottawa by Samsung for $6.5-million.