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Massive data leak reveals food hiding secrets of nation’s rez dogs

An enormous new leak of rez dog records — rivalling the Panama Papers in size and scope — is laying bare some of the food-hiding secrets of the nation’s rez dogs.

The records expose the assets and sometimes murky dealings of a host of rez dogs from communities across the country, including where they bury sometimes whole moose-leg bones and other food scraps without ever sharing it with their fellow rez dogs.

The spots include underneath house stoops and behind sheds but sometimes even underneath trees far from their homes.

After the news of the leak broke on Tuesday afternoon, Cooch-Cooch, a spokesperson for the National Rez Dog Association, said “the NRDA is reviewing the documents and will take appropriate action when called for.”

He added, “hiding of moose bones and other assets isn’t technically illegal but we’re certainly cognizant that the optics aren’t great.”

While some hope the massive leak will lead to long-requested reforms among rez dogs, others worry it will simply lead to a digging and reburying frenzy across the country.