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First ever ChiefCon a smashing success, organizers say

The first ever ChiefCon hasn’t even wrapped up yet in Ottawa but organizers are already calling it a smashing success.

ChiefCon is similar to ComicCon but instead of superheros, participants dress up as their favorite First Nations Chiefs, councilors and headmen.

“The turnout and the response has been absolutely amazing,” said organizer Peter Wilson, who was sporting a ribbon shirt and blazer similar to one worn by National Chief Perry Bellegarde.

“I mean look around you, I see people dressed as [Athabasca Chipewyan] Chief Allen Adams, about 17 Sipekne’katik Chief Michael Sacks and there’s one adorable little six-year-old who is a dead ringer for Grand Chief Stewart Phillip!”

The four day event, which kicked off on Sunday at the Ottawa Convention Centre, included panels with current and former serving Chiefs, autograph sessions and a trade show where fans can purchase memorabilia like old name tags from Assembly of First Nations meetings and even an office desk once used by Saskatchewan First Vice-Chief Kim Jonathan.

However, there was nearly a riot when it was discovered that panel with headliner Regional Chief Bobby Cameron was oversold. Despite a few hiccups like this, organizers are already saying it’s going to become an annual event.