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Chuck Strahl, Bernard Valcourt lines of ‘Indian Affairs Glasses’ discontinued by feds

The federal Indigenous Services department said it is discontinuing two lines of eyeglasses available to First Nations, effective immediately.

Known popularly as “Indian Affairs Glasses” after the department’s former title, the spectacles were often derided for being too bulky and unfashionable.

The Chuck Strahl and Bernard Valcourt lines, named in honour of two former Indigenous Affairs Ministers, were both introduced during their terms as department heads — as is tradition.

“This isn’t about politics or systematically erasing the legacies of two former Conservative public servants,” said a department spokesperson.

“This is about making sure that First Nations get only the best possible eye wear, as was promised in the sacred treaties.”

The glasses will be replaced by the Carolyn Bennett and Jane Philpott Collection, inspired by the two current department Ministers.

However, some in the First Nations community said they were angry because the older glasses were finally becoming fashionable again. In fact, some vintage glasses can fetch hundreds of dollars in online sales, primarily to hipster markets.

This is the largest cancellation of eyewear since Indian Affairs Monocles were discontinued in 1992.