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Trudeau observed shooing away playful wolf before meeting with AFN, witnesses say

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to shoo away a playful wolf before a meeting with Chiefs at the Assembly of First Nations, witnesses say.

Trudeau was leaving the grounds of his official residence, Rideau Cottage, when Two-Socks —a lone wolf he had befriended — began following the motorcade.

“Go home! Go home!” Trudeau shouted from his vehicle window, instructing his driver to speed up.

However, witnesses say that only made Two-Socks run faster.

As the motorcade was about to leave the grounds of Rideau Cottage, a frustrated Trudeau exited his vehicle and attempted to once again shoo the wolf away.

When Trudeau began walking back to his vehicle, RCMP confirm, Two-Socks playfully nipped at his heel, causing the Prime Minister to trip and fall to the ground.

The touching moment was only broken when Trudeau realized that National Chief Perry Bellegarde and several members of the AFN’s Executive Committee had been watching the scene from a nearby hill, causing Two-Socks to finally run away.