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Prime Minister challenges B.C. Premier to ‘disappoint off’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has challenged British Columbia Premier John Horgan to a ‘disappoint off.’

The challenge comes in response to Horgan’s recent announcement that B.C. would go ahead with construction of the Site C hydroelectric project, which will flood thousands of hectares of land and displace Indigenous communities.

“I am not the first person to stand before you and disappoint Indigenous people,” Horgan told reporters after the decision was announced.

“You want to talk about disappointing Indigenous Peoples? I could disappoint Indigenous Peoples in circles around you,” Trudeau said at a press conference in Ottawa.

“You, me, in the ring, this weekend. We’ll see who disappoints Indigenous Peoples.”

Trudeau pointed to the many broken or unfulfilled promises the Liberal government made to Indigenous communities, both before and after the federal election as proof that he could out-disappoint Horgan any time, any place.