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Walking Eagle News Weekend Update

From the Walking Eagle News weekend desk, here are the top stories making headlines in Indigenous country and beyond.

APTN to debut ‘Jesse-only’ episodes of The Beachcombers
Uber fans of The Beachcombers are in for a unique treat in 2018; APTN announced that it is editing episodes of the iconic TV series to include only scenes with First Nations character Jesse Jim, played by actor Pat John. The series will also be re-titled Jesse Jim & The Beachcombers and begin airing in October.

On this day in history
On December 16, 1773, a large group of angry a-holes dress up as Native Americans and throw tea in Boston Harbour to protest taxes. Historians believe this event, now known as the Boston Tea Party, marks one of earliest instances of a-holes dressing up as Indigenous Peoples.

Disney under fire for ‘whitewashing’ Squanto remake
Disney is facing accusations of ‘whitewashing’ after casting Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role for the studio’s remake of Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale. The original film, released in 1994, was a breakthrough for actor Adam Beach. Critics say Disney could have at the very least cast Johnny Depp.