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Walking Eagle News Weekend Update

From the Walking Eagle News weekend desk, here are the top stories making headlines in Indigenous country and beyond.

Sen. Lynn Beyak now free to focus more hate on Indigenous Peoples
Lynn Beyak may have been kicked out of the Conservative caucus but the now-independent senator said without party lines or duties, she’s free to spend more time on her true passion — focusing hatred on Indigenous Peoples. “The best part is, I still get this fabulous salary,” an elated Beyak told a rat that scuttled by.

Manitoba Chiefs to refer to police as ‘Caucasian in appearance’
The head of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has directed the organization’s staff to refer to police only as ‘Caucasian in appearance’ in all official communications. The move mirrors a long-standing practice by police agencies and some media that still describe Indigenous Peoples as Aboriginal or even Métis in appearance in reports.

Ad campaign boasts wool blankets ‘now smallpox free’
An historic, major retailer in Canada has launched an ad campaign that boasts its iconic woolen blankets are ‘now smallpox free.’ Some of the ads feature smiling Indigenous models, wrapped in the woolen blankets, with the caption As free as the wind…and now smallpox free.