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Walking Eagle News Weekend Update

From the Walking Eagle News weekend desk, here are the top stories making headlines in Indigenous country and beyond.

Rez cats could soon outnumber rez dogs: report
A new report suggests that rez cats could soon outnumber rez dogs. The data comes as no surprise to Smokey Joe, an orange long-hair and spokesfeline for the League of Canadian Rez Cats. “We have long known that our population is increasing, is younger and far more important than rez dogs,” he said. The head of the North American Rez Dog Association was unavailable for comment.

75-under could soon be considered ‘Indigenous youth,’ feds say
The federal government has signaled that any Indigenous person under the age of 75-years-old could soon be considered an ‘Indigenous youth.’ No reason has been given for the increase, though some suspect it could be so the Trudeau government could say it has more young voters than any other party in the next federal election. The current age of Indigenous youth is 45 and under.

Bannock Energy Drinks fail to catch on
A new line of Indigenous energy drinks is folding, just months after launching. Pure Bannock was supposed to appeal to Indigenous millennials but failed to catch on, the company said. The drinks, which come in Oven Bannock and Frybread flavour, is a pureed blend of bannock or frybread and served in a can.