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APTN to launch 24-hour rez dog channel

A ground-breaking new channel will feature uninterrupted video of rez dogs, 24-hours a day, in their daily lives, the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) announced on Thursday.

Network heads said the new channel is inspired by wildly popular North American Fire Log programs, which portray a fire burning in its entirety, and the success of Norway’s SLOW TV, that often airs seemingly mundane activities like complete train journeys.

“If Norwegians can spend literally hours watching a ferry cross some channel, than why wouldn’t viewers tune in to see a rez dog sleeping in someone’s yard, running down roads or gnawing on moose-leg bones?” said APTN president John LaFlower.

“I’ve done it and it’s absolutely mesmerizing, hypnotic even.”

However, the channel is not without controversy.

The head of the North American Rez Dog Association, Cooch-Cooch, referred to the new channel as ‘rezdogsploitation’ and is already calling for a boycott unless the network starts talking about revenue-sharing.