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First Nations man denies allegations of Lip Point doping

Just a day after he broke the record for the 100-metre Lip Point, a First Nations man is facing allegations of Lip Point doping.

Lawrence Guimond, 32, successfully directed his son to get his wallet on the dresser in his bedroom while seated in his truck in his driveway on Sunday afternoon. Lip Pointing, a non-verbal communication used in many Indigenous communities, involves pursing the lips to ‘point’ at something or someone.

However, several people have come forward to Walking Eagle News with allegations that Guimond was seen sucking raw lemons before the feat, which have the effect of making the lips purse even more than usual.

“I saw it with my own eyeballs, he was sucking lemons in his truck,” said Melba Courchene, one of the people who have come forward with allegations.

“Lip Point Doping is a sad, shameful mark on this beautiful practice of pointing with your lips.”

Guimond wasn’t available to comment but a spokesperson denied the Lip Point doping allegations and that he would be willing to defend his title at any time.