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Trudeau speech consists almost entirely of word ‘reconciliation’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a speech consisting almost entirely of the word ‘reconciliation,’ witnesses say.

Trudeau was delivering his remarks to a meeting of Indigenous leaders and senior government officials on Thursday.

“Reconciliation, reconciliation, reconciliation, RECONCILIATION!! reconciliation, rec…on….ci…llliiiiiiiation…,” Trudeau told the crowd.

“And in closing, reconciliation.”

While government officials in attendance applauded wildly, some wiping away tears, many of the Indigenous leaders in attendance were confused.

“He was just saying ‘reconciliation’ over and over again in different volumes and intonations,” said Métis National Council president Clément Chartier.

“We thought maybe he was having a stroke.”

When asked by reporters about his remarks, Trudeau simply replied that no relationship is more important to Canada than the relationship with Indigenous Peoples and by God, he means it.