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‘Cool, rebellious’ Chief disrupting Assembly of First Nations meetings, leaders say

Leaders at the Assembly of First Nations complain that a new Chief has been disrupting meetings and that several younger impressionable Chiefs have fallen under his influence.

Chief Elmer Meekis, 46, from the North Eagle Bay First Nation in Saskatchewan, has been observed wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket in meetings.

“This cool, rebellious Chief doesn’t listen and is always talking back to the National Chief,” said a visibly annoyed Chief Bobby Cameron, a member of the organization’s Executive Committee.

“I haven’t seen it myself but I’m told he and a few younger Chiefs have also been vaping in the AFN locker room and that’s a huge no-no.”

Cameron said things recently came to a head when Meekis put his cowboy boots on the table during a particularly tense meeting about a recent resolution, Resetting the Role of First Nations in Environmental and Regulatory Reviews, triggering giggling among some of the freshman Chiefs.

National Chief Perry Bellegarde ‘lost it,’ said another member of the AFN Executive.

“‘Get your ass to the Prime Minister’s office!’ the National Chief shouted at him,” said Regional Chief Ghislain Picard.

“He was furious.”

The organization is expected to raise the issue of the rebellious Chief during their semi-annual meeting, which takes place during the summer.