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Indigenous academic drops new mixpaper

Indigenous academic Lil Gikendaaso has dropped a new mixpaper that’s already burning up the journal charts.

Indigenous Political Ontology is Medicine, published through the University of Saskatchewan where Lil Gikendaaso is a professor of Indigenous Studies, is being cited hundreds of times.

“This mixpaper is a dream manifested right in front of my face,” said Lil Gikendaaso, flashing her trademark grill and wearing a massive bison fur coat.

“All of the hard work, all of the grind, sacrifice — it’s in these pages.”

Also in the pages is a venemous diss chapter aimed at Adam Gaudry, assistant professor at the University of Alberta with whom Lil Gikendaaso has been in a very public feud with.

Gaudry refused to comment on the diss chapter.

The mixpaper had already been generating considerable buzz even before it officially dropped. A chapter, Research is Ceremony (feat. Chelsea Vowell) had been leaked to in late 2017 and was immediately praised by critics.