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Assembly of First Nations’ annual ‘Boys of Summer’ calendar misses printing deadline

The eagerly-anticipated Boys of Summer calendar featuring top Chiefs from the Assembly of First Nations won’t make its printing deadline in time for release in January, the organization announced on Thursday.

“We’re obviously very disappointed but it just couldn’t be helped,” said Quebec Regional Chief Ghislain Picard, who confirmed to reporters that he will be returning as Mr. August.

“As you can imagine, our busy schedules as community leaders make it extremely difficult to coordinate our 12 schedules for a photo shoot.”

The annual calendar was first launched in 2012 when budget cuts hit the organization under the then-Conservative government. The calendar, which features Chiefs posing at the beach, at powwows or on souped-up trucks, brought much-needed revenues to the AFN’s fast-emptying coffers.

However, Picard batted away suggestions that the delay was caused by friction between National Chief Perry Bellegarde and New Brunswick/PEI Regional Chief Roger Augustine over who would be Mr. December.