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Walking Eagle News: Top 5 stories of 2017

From a pair of brave, fallen floorwalkers in Saskatchewan to the perils of Indian Status cards, it’s been a profoundly challenging year for Indigenous Peoples.

Lucky for you, though, Walking Eagle News never faltered in our coverage of the most pressing issues of our times.

Here are the top 5 stories we fearlessly covered in 2017.

Rez dogs

Whether it was the threat of rez dogs forming a single consciousness, a massive data leak that brought shame or a daring raid by rez dog commandos, our coverage of the omnipresent and near-invincible rez dog consistently captured your eyeballs throughout 2017.


Ahh, racism. What would this country be without it? And what would Walking Eagle News be without it? Less-read, that’s for sure, because some of our most-read stories dealt with our beloved skin colour: like the two floor walkers who collapsed after inadvertently following each other for hours or the groundbreaking study on the makeup of today’s racists.

Land acknowledgements

From the evocation of a teary-eyed oil executive to a mishap that briefly returned land to First Nations in Saskatchewan, land acknowledgements — which we like to call not-really-thanking-Indigenous-Peoples-for-the-land-you-stole-and-not-actually-returning-it-or-doing-anything-but-acknowledgement-its — consistently made headlines in 2017.


A pipeline crossing through every single First Nation, Métis and Inuit community in the country, a scandalous exercise video series involving Carolyn Bennett and a massive hydroelectric dam in British Columbia. What do these things all have to do with each other? They’re all acts of turning reconciliation into reconcili-ACTION and they’re stories that made headlines throughout 2017 on Walking Eagle News.

Do you feel closer to Canada?

We do…

The Royals

It’s a relationship founded in a trail of broken treaties, yet we can’t get enough of the Royal Family. From National Chief Perry Bellegarde’s rejection of Trudeau as his Great White Father to his own near adoption by Prince Harry and of course, the gifting of a fully-grown Cree man to Prince Harry — apparently you can’t get enough of the Royals either.