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National Chief to hold public chat with King of the Hill’s John Redcorn

Not to be one-upped by Trudeau’s armchair chat with Bill Nye the Science Guy on Tuesday, National Chief Perry Bellegarde will sit down with cartoon character John Redcorn for a public discussion on Indigenous health.

Redcorn, a Native American new age healer and masseur, was a regular character on the Fox animated series King of the Hill that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010.

“Closing the gap in the quality of life between First Nations and Canada builds a stronger, healthier country for all of us,” Bellegarde told reporters.

“It’s something my animated friend John Redcorn knows all about and he’ll be here to enlighten all of us on how to move forward.”

Redcord didn’t respond to requests for a comment and Bellegarde provided few details about where, when or even how the discussion would take place but a spokesperson for the AFN said it would be freakin’ awesome.