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Facebook friend request from former PM Harper unnerves Indigenous Peoples

Tens of thousands of Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples say they’re a little unnerved by a sudden Facebook friend request from former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Many report staring at the friend request for several minutes in disbelief and alarm.

“We had a pretty difficult relationship during his tenure, so frankly I’m shocked he wants to be friends,” said tens of thousands of Indigenous Peoples.

For some, the Facebook friend request came with a personalized message from the 22nd Prime Minister and an invitation to meet face-to-face.

“Hey, wassup. Remember me?” read one such message. “Been thinking about you and wondering if you want to grab a coffee and catch up. Maybe I can cut off your funding for old time sake, lol.”

Other than an enthusiastic acceptance from disgraced Senator Patrick Brazeau, all of the friend requests from Harper were simply ignored by Indigenous Peoples.