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Angry Nick Beyak destroys Indigenous G.I. Joe action figure, plastic Indian figurines

Dryden, Ont., city councillor Nick Beyak angrily destroyed his favourite G.I. Joe action figure, Spirit, in a rampage on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say the blowup was triggered by the ouster of his mother, Senator Lynn Beyak, from the Conservative party last week over racist comments she posted to her website.

“You’ll pay for this,” Nick Beyak spat at the broken pieces of the action figure. “A majority of Canadians feel the same way as mom.”

Multicoloured, plastic Indian figurines are also still strewn about the rec room of his mother’s Dryden-area basement.

According to witnesses, the carnage only ended when Beyak tore down a poster of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer which had adorned the wall, before slamming his bedroom door and crying himself into a deep slumber.